Sunday, January 5, 2020

Managing Equality Free Essay Example, 1000 words

Between 1997 to 2007, the gender pay gap in UK fell from 17.4% down to 12.6% respectively. 12 Discussion on Issues behind the Existing Public Policies on Equality in UK Being male and female has a lot of differences and distinct characteristics which makes it not easy to develop a single policy that could fully satisfy the differences in the gender role. 13 Racial issues in terms of the differences among the different traditions, culture and beliefs in each nationality could also raise a similar problem on equality. Despite the government’s effort in promoting equal treatment between men and women, the differences and inequalities will still remain. 14 Particularly the issue on gender-based equality and diversity in the work place is often being debated because of the difference between the specific needs and treatment on men and women. 15 In fact, there are some feminist groups that criticize the fact that the liberal idea of equality does not consider the major challenges that contributes to the gender inequalities. 16 The promotion of diversity in the workplace may solve some of the problems related to gender equality. The main concept of diversity was developed to enable the business owners to maximize the potential of each employee within the business organization. 17 According to Phillips (1992), implementing diversity in the workplace could solve the problem on work equality considering the plurality of many differences. 18 However, the human resources management strategy19 considers the implementation of diversity as a social problem in the sense that the definition of diversity in business management is not aligned with anti-discrimination policies in UK20. Aside from the differences between the role of men and women within the work environment, each woman or each man is still different from one another in terms of race or class. 21 For instance, white women are most likely to experience a different level of work discrimination as compare to black women. 22 Specifically the different inequalities related to gender, race and disability is not similar because each issue is differently considered based on its relevance as policy problems. 23 The gender equality policy in UK started with the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 followed by the introduction of the Race Relations Act 1976, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, and the Public Sector Duties 1999.We will write a custom essay sample on Managing Equality or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now In order to enhance the policy on gender, race and disability equality, the UK government finally introduced a single policy on equality known as the Equality Act 2006.24 Conclusion Over the years, UK government has implemented several policies concerning the different factors that could increase inequality within the work environment.

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