Monday, February 24, 2020

Electronic Commerce Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Electronic Commerce - Essay Example This dissertation will overview a software architecture based on use of Web Services for dynamically binding data in Business-to-Business (B2B) software applications known as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). It will carry out analysis of productivity issues for major components of Web Services that consist of four technologies in combination that provide an implementation of SOA: HTTP as the primary network protocol, SOAP/XML for the payload format, UDDI for service registry, and WSDL to describe the service interfaces. Partitioning ability directly enables the creation of application partitions. These partitions are created to enable a more targeted use of back end data, requiring less throw-away caching and improved write capacity to databases. While partitioning will not realize the claims surrounding performance and availability on its own, it is able to establish the foundation upon which these benefits are achieved. Multithreading is used to process multiple units of work asynchronously from a single Web service call. Multiple threads can be executed in parallel on many computer systems. Multithreading generally occurs by time slicing where a single processor switches between different threads, or by multiprocessing where threads are executed on separate processors. Cashing raises productiveness of computing ... Clustered Web systems are typically composed of two or more individual systems coupled together via a network. Clustering provides high-availability by moving applications between nodes (computers in the cluster) if a node fails. Asymmetric clustering has one node active and the other monitoring and waiting while symmetric clustering has all nodes active, able to take one more programs if one fails. Also suggestion for performance measure for software applications such as CRM, ERP, WMS, etc built on Service Oriented Architecture will be given. Contribution of the Project The project addresses the need for a more productive communications framework to allow any company to extend its existing legacy applications with minimal overheads that is especially important for developing countries. Service Oriented Architecture can address many of the industry failings allowing a developer to dynamically connect to Web service A and maybe later switch to Web Service C, without intervention. This work allows a Web Service to provide a more productive mechanism to connect users, vendors, and applications regardless of the technology or devices they use or their location. Based on industry standard protocols and universal vendor support that can leverage the internet for low cost communications as well as other offerings for mobile devices, allowing loosely coupled messaging, multiple connectivity and information sharing scenarios via services that are self describing and can be automatically discovered. This advancement will allow for a common uniform interface to build on their Web Services and deploy them in the UDDI registries for other companies to find them,

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